Summer Harp Masterclass

12th Harp Summer Masterclass in La Roche sur Foron ( 9-16 August, 2020 ), France together with my colleague Manja Smits is welcoming applications now. Manja has been organising this Masterclass for 11 years and it will be the 12th time this year. This is the 3rd time, she is inviting me. Due to the present circumstances, we will be listing students without any obligations. So if you are interested, just let us know! Further decision will be followed up, depending on the regulations regarding travelling.

Please go to the following site for applications:

Here is a glimpse of our final concert in 2019. Film and recording is provided by Renate van Uffelen !

Harp Lessons

Despite of staying home and not teaching at the conservatory, I am giving online lessons.
You are welcome to contact me to make an appointment for harp lessons.
Repertoire may vary from the 18th century to modern harp music. Please write your message to me through Contact on this website!